Benefits of Frameless Shower Doors

























As the name suggests the frameless shower door does not have a metal frame. It is built with heavy duty glass which is almost half an inch thick to provide it the necessary strength. Thus, it is able to resist shaking and is also strong enough to withstand breakage. Tempering and polishing make the glass resistant to scratching and chipping. The mounting of the frameless shower doors is on heavy duty hinges and they are designed to take the load. Let us look at the benefits associated with the frameless shower doors.




The glass shower doors greatly enhance the aesthetics of the house. The transparent glass gives depth to the view, making the bathroom look much bigger than what it is. Secondly the tile design on the visible walls can reflect the taste of the homeowner. You can have bold and beautiful designs with a riot of colors to catch the eye of the viewer. The glass doors also permit plenty of light to enter the bath adding to its visibility. The Frameless Shower Doors Spring TX itself are masterpieces which provide a reflection of the sleek and modern design. Also, you have the option to get it designed for outward or inward opening depending on your space availability. In contrast, the framed doors normally open outwards.


Easy to maintain


The glass doors are easy to clean and maintain. You do not require any harsh chemicals for the cleaning. A simple detergent wash once in a while would do the trick. The frameless shower doors can be mopped with a soft cloth after mild glass cleaner sprays. This will keep the glass clean and shinning. Since there is no frame, the mildew and mold do not get any convenient area to build. There are no pockets where the water can collect and help bacterial and fungal growth. You can also consult the Auto Glass Repair Spring TX experts near you.




When you go in for a framed shower door you have to normally select from a range of sizes. This limits your design as you have to comply with the available dimensions. However, no such restriction exists in the case of glass shower doors and you are free to customize. The glass for the shower door can be cut to the required size.


Since there is no metal involved, the frameless glass doors are free from the damage due to corrosion and rusting. This feature allows the frameless models to last longer as compared to the framed ones.